Custom Plans That Meet Your Unique Needs

For a project to be successful, a pension plan consultant must adjust to the plan sponsor’s needs—not the other way around. Therefore, each of our plans is custom designed. We do not rely on generic solutions or imitate other projects. We approach every assignment knowing that each plan sponsor’s needs are different from those of any other plan sponsor. We must be creative, even intuitive, more often than not.

Our services encompass the design, implementation, administration and actuarial valuation of all types of qualified and non-qualified defined benefit and money purchase pension plans. Some of the specific functions our consultants may perform include:

  • Plan design and interpretation advice.
  • Actuarial valuations for funding purposes and for financial statement reporting under FAS 87 and FAS 106.
  • Plan document writing, digests and booklets.
  • Database manipulation and purification.
  • Benefit certifications.
  • Custom benefit statement production.
  • Outsourcing of claims processing and other administrative duties on a partial or full basis.
  • Investment policy writing.
  • Investment manager search.
  • Investment performance measurement.
  • Legal compliance and oversight through a long-term alliance with expert legal counsel.
  • Filings with the IRS for private letter rulings and determination letters.

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