Health Insurance Valuations And Costings

Custom Valuations and Costings Let You Anticipate and Fund Plans

Nicolay’s Health Insurance Actuarial Services division provides actuarial valuations and related calculations of pre- and post-retirement healthcare plan liabilities and funding costs.

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Whether you offer traditional healthcare plans or a self-funded plan, or a combination, we can help in several major areas:

  • Perform actuarial valuations of post-retirement healthcare and life insurance benefits
    • We calculate turnover, retirement and mortality rates and anticipate future incidence of claims to estimate the current liabilities of retiree healthcare benefits.
    • We assist you with plan redesign and fine-tuning where appropriate or necessary.
  • Analyze self-funded pre-retirement employee healthcare benefit programs
    • We calculate current liabilities and project costs so you can budget accordingly and fund appropriately.
    • We identify your IBNR—those claims which have been incurred but not yet reported—to establish the claim reserves necessary to pay these claims upon submission.
  • Price and estimate the cost implications of proposed changes in plan design
    • We anticipate costs and establish pricing for any changes you are considering for your healthcare plans, including additions or deletions to benefits or changes in deductibles or copayments.
  • Other services
    • Long-term care self-funding studies.
    • Mortality and morbidity projections.
    • Demographic analysis.

In addition, Nicolay’s Health Insurance Actuarial Services division

  • Completes all forms, reports, and filings.
  • Provides actuarial certification of claim reserve adequacy.