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Founded in 1992, Nicolay Consulting Group is a family-owned company that delivers actuarial and administration services to religious, non-profit and other tax-exempt organizations.

Our clients include many that company founder Norman J. Nicolay began working with 30+ years ago. We are proud that our solid ethics and unique way of conducting business result in the success of our client plans and many long-term relationships.

NCG brings you the full range of pension and post-retirement welfare consulting services. Professional staff are personally responsible for serving the sponsor’s needs and are available personally and by phone to respond to our clients as needed.

We have special expertise working with church plans as well as performing GASB valuations for California counties, cities, and other public agencies that sponsor pension or postretirement welfare plans.r relationship is over 20 years.

our unique philosophy

We specialize— in consulting with pension and postretirement benefit plan sponsors. We help our clients deliver sustainable benefit programs that support a positive retirement experience for their employees. We don’t sell insurance, mutual funds or securities so we are able to be objective and impartial advisors for our clients.

We focus on a specific, exclusive client group— church plans and other tax-exempt organizations, such as cities, municipalities, counties, school districts and public service organizations. Focusing provides a depth of consulting skills and resources rarely equaled.

We offer custom solutions— that directly address our clients’ specific needs and objectives. We strive to deliver high value to our clients through these custom solutions combined with prompt, responsive service and specialized expertise tailored to our clients’ unique situations.

We annually reinvest a generous percentage of revenues in our business— as a commitment to our business and to enhanced client services.

Have questions? We look forward to hearing from you.